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  Why we did it...
England - Italy
Getting ready, crossing Northern Europe...and then facing the Italian traffic. Can we make it to Australia without dying?
Greece - Turkey
The mountains climb as quickly as the temperature. But then we arrive in the stunning centre of Turkey....Cappadocia.
The temperature continues to climb and Lowanna has to wear a chador. We come face to face with the effects of a two year drought - and then get arrested! ***This excert contains strong language***

We arrive in Quetta to colourful buses and friendly people. But then, aswe drop into the Indus Valley, the hassle begins.

India 1
We try to reclaim our sanity by climbing out of the dusty lowlands and up into the foothills of the Himalayas. But then an e-mail arrives...
India 2
It is a race across the subcontinent to try to get to Mumbai before our ship leaves. Can we do it?
  This is not India! Suddenly we are in the land of mobile phones and air conditioning. But we still have to find a ship to Australia.
  Suddenly we find ourselves back in a land where there is time to worry about environmental issues. It also gives us time to refect on the journey...But there is still 1000km from Brisbane to Sydney!
The films above were put together by Bike2oz and Firelight Productions.