Manufacturers of the most important piece of kit on the expedition - the bicycles! As our first sponsors a big thank you to Pieter van Hengel
Providers of the wonderful VAIO laptop, a huge amount of digital video tapes and some very clever adapters to ensure their equipment worked with our solar panels. Huge thanks to Sieglinde Hahn
Discounted SLR camera and accessories. Big thanks to Angela Mason and Ashley Ollett
For excellent panniers and coming to our rescue in the Himalayas
If you want to get overseas without flying try the Cruise People - access to freighters around the world
Provided us with radio and general use microphones to keep our video camera happy. Thanks to Sally Milne
The best map shop in the world! Thanks to Rebecca Whittingham-Boothe for providing the maps to get us where we are today! Check out their Flagship Store:  12-14 Long Acre, Covent Garden, London
For following our journey on their 'Morning Shift'
This website wouldn't be there without them....
If you need some spares in Sydney...
Very sexy sleeping bags, liners and towels. Darren Burrell - thank you!
As UK distributors for MSR survival equipment, First Ascent supplied us with water filters, cooking accessories and equipment repair kits. Thanks to Aline Peat for remembering who we are!
To keep us happy and sweat-free in all conditions. Thanks to Edward Amesbury
In the air but not a plane - thanks for letting us film the stunning scenery from up high!
Discounted photo film. Thank you Angela King
Thanks to Derek, Liam and all at GPS for their never ending support for the project
The UK Cyclists Touring Club - invaluable information about anything and everything to do with bikes and touring. Big thanks to the wonderful Sinead!
For hosting our original website - thanks to Paul and Mick
For taking us from India to Singapore. Thank you Renate Raska for all your help
Keeping us well with the excellent Survival 2000 homeopathic travel kit. Thanks Wendy Lomas
Passenger-carrying container ships around the world - we took one from Singapore to Brisbane