Last updated: 8th October 2001

Since our arrival:

We have been busy looking through and categorising 2500 photos. We have also compiled a ten minute video promo. If you want to know when the documentary and book will be out add your e-mail address on the guestbook page

Changes on the site:

At last - we have finally managed to get all of the photos up onto the website! We have included a selection - a few hundred - of the thousands we finished up with. Hope you enjoy them. If you want to go straight to the photo page click here

The ten minute promo video is now up onto the site as 9 short movies. The films are viewable by anyone with a 56k modem! If you want to go straight to the video page click here.

And we have also included the final article for the UK CTC magazine. If you want to read it now click here.