Nerves And Choppy Seas
18 Feb 2000
Written by Lowanna
Subject: Crossing the English Channel

I don't know how long I'll be able to write this as the ferry is swinging all over the place. Just went out onto the back deck for a blast of fresh air whipping off the North Sea.

After being totally loved up by a household of Aussies (yes the three of them do share a one bedroom flat in Earls Court) we finally escaped London.

Peddling like crazy we battled with the traffic through the eastern suburbs of London, passing the M11 monster and the house that Kevin lived in whilst trying to stop the destruction of a community. I've heard friends talk about it and seem hours of footage but nothing hits home like seeing it in the flesh (or should I say tarmac). Kevin pointed to the huge concrete gash in the land and explained that hundreds of families used to live there in their homes.

By Sunday the intoxicating madness of London seems miles behind. The sun was beating down on us as we cruised through the Essex countryside heading towards the sea. By nightfall we pulled into Harwich with rumbling tummies and aching muscles. We'd done our biggest distance ever - 59 miles!!! (96kms)

Valentines Day was spent waiting anxiously for TNT to pull up outside our B & B. But our courier never showed and we stood on the breakwater watching our ferry disappear without us on board. The good news was the package was to arrive early the next morning, but the bad news was the ferry was going into dry dock for three days because there had been a fire in the engine!!!

Five days later (after developing a close acquaintance with Harwich and all it's attractions) we are finally on the ferry bound for The Netherlands. Very excited about all the cycle lanes awaiting us...