Departing Oxford on 1st February 2000 we will initially head east towards London. Once through the metropolis we will turn to the north-east as we set off for Harwich. We will then take a ferry across to the Netherlands. After a slight diversion to the cycling mecca of Amsterdam we will turn towards the south, where we eventually hope to find warmer winds and sunshine.....

We will pass through Belgium and Luxembourg as we move towards the Mediterranean. Hoping the cycling behind us has prepared us for the mountains ahead we climb towards Switzerland - and the Alps. Conquering mountain passes as the winter snow begins to melt, we then move into the North of Italy.

Avoiding traffic on the coastal roads we will ride down the spine of Italy through the Appenines, heading for the Brindisi ferry which will take us and our wheels to magical Greece. With the Aegean Sea to our right we curve eastwards towards Turkey and Iran. As the temperature rises we carry on into Pakistan and India, where, faced by the summer monsoon, we put our bikes to one side for a few weeks and wait for the rains to pass us by.

We head south through India and hope to catch a ferry from either Bombay or Calcutta. We will then pedal through South East Asia until we can find some transport to Australia.

After arriving in Darwin we turn east towards the Pacific - then south towards Sydney - and bed!