Leaving Warlands, Botley Road, Oxford. Andy and Steve wave us off (27,736 bytes)And off into the world. Still two kilometres from our first puncture! (16,972 bytes)Lowanna washing up on our first campsite (41,520 bytes)Kevin looking down at Twyford Down - a scar in the landscape (23,150 bytes)The cutting - right through an ancient site of outstanding natural beauty (17,815 bytes)With Kevin's dad, Wickham, Hampshire (46,859 bytes)
And in his front room. Working out what to throw... (44,517 bytes)Eating lunch in another stunning Hampshire village (72,692 bytes)At the headqaurters of the UK Cycle Touring Club (42,246 bytes)With fellow cyclists at Coombe Bottom, Surrey (66,341 bytes)Defying the traffic, Oxford Street, London (33,130 bytes)And stopping to recover, Oxford Street, London (46,167 bytes)
Another blocked cycle lane (49,984 bytes)Eating dinner before leaving the city (40,210 bytes)The London Eye - easily the biggest bike wheel in the world! (34,069 bytes)Arriving in Harwich  - to find the ferry cancelled (39,102 bytes)The ferry is repaired - so we queue with the other vehicles! (51,313 bytes)