Arriving in Turkey - and the first of many flags (30,228 bytes)And the weather was getting hotter - chillies on a window ledge (38,921 bytes)Istanbul brought good food, hot weather and great architecture (37,711 bytes)Outside the Blue Mosque, late afternoon (38,952 bytes)And we went back later that evening for the light show (16,957 bytes)Trying to fix the bike after months of dust and mud. Thanks Alex! (41,514 bytes)
Gallipoli. This wall details a conciliatory speak from Ataturk - father of the Turkish nation - in 1934 (57,413 bytes)Lowanna at one of the many resting places for fallen soldiers (52,320 bytes)And Kevin explaining our journey to the local soldiers (58,348 bytes)A local in Afyon, central Turkey (56,689 bytes)Arriving in Goreme, Cappadocia (42,351 bytes)A stunning landscape (64,750 bytes)
As we continued down into the valley the rock formations grew ever-more striking (45,477 bytes)We didn't quite make it to Oz without flying. One morning was spent viewing the formations from a balloon (50,738 bytes)Some of the houses are still lived in (44,134 bytes)Kevin attempting to capture some of the views for the documentary (34,046 bytes)We stayed for a few days. During this time Lowanna tried - in vain - to diversify her clothing selection (45,570 bytes)Moving on from Goreme we bumped into two more travellers who had come overland from England (78,944 bytes)
As we continued east the road surface began to deteriorate (51,992 bytes)And the most common form of transport became the donkey (28,366 bytes)The traffic, though lighter, was still dangerous (46,257 bytes)Kevin transfering water from purchased bottle to bike bottle. We tried to avoid buying water bottles if possible. Sometimes we couldn't avoid it (71,118 bytes)The woman in this shot is walking towards the camera. (31,487 bytes)Getting to the end of Turkey - passing Mount Ararat. We were in 40 degrees, lookin up at glaciers (26,115 bytes)