Our house in Islip, just north of Oxford (55,014 bytes)The tent being tried out in the garden - apparently goat proof! (53,414 bytes)The bicycles - two Dawes Super Galaxys (48,368 bytes)We tried to balance the need for a good camera against weight... (32,526 bytes)Neals Yard kit- in addition to the more conventional medicine we carried this one (34,231 bytes)MSR - makers of great water filters, multifuel stoves, pots, pans... (30,563 bytes)
All the equipment - will it fit? (44,206 bytes)Lowanna working in our Islip office prior to departure (47,369 bytes)Snugpak sleeping gear - two bags, two liners - enough to cope with all temperatures? (63,841 bytes)The equipment again - world service radio and computer were to prove vital (70,582 bytes)The computer - powerful enough for our needs but light enough for the bike (33,548 bytes)