Ready for Italy - maps in the pannier (46,459 bytes)When we lost our couriered parcel we set off to investigate... (26,986 bytes)and explained the problem to the staff (32,931 bytes)Fighting the fascists in the 2nd World War and now a bike mechanic (51,652 bytes)The Giro D'Italia shot past one day... (48,521 bytes)Interviewing Claudio in Reggio Emilia (49,629 bytes)Drying out the tent first thing in the morning (70,480 bytes)
Getting directions (41,288 bytes)A dirty job when another tyre goes flat (42,297 bytes)Another use for the bike - sharpening knives in an Italian square (48,754 bytes)Getting interviewed for Italian TV (36,240 bytes)Pizza and foccacia - making the most of the delicious food! (73,733 bytes)Writing an article beside an Italian lake (33,446 bytes)Getting support from the local police (38,403 bytes)
We climbed a hill and were rewarded with a cake from a local (57,684 bytes)Turin - Meeting with Riccardo and talking about future bike routes (38,536 bytes)Our highest hill in Italy - 968 metres. They got higher from here on... (61,808 bytes)Poppies and vines (40,679 bytes)Crossing the railway line we spotted another... (25,136 bytes)Getting a sneaky lift up a hill from a sympathetic local! (39,479 bytes)Qui Puoi Bici - a local co-op where you can learn how to fix your own bike (47,624 bytes)
Stunning Tuscany (63,293 bytes)Siena campsite (43,947 bytes)Siena cathedral with local colour (63,887 bytes)And watching it from the bikes (67,007 bytes)More stunning scenery (81,809 bytes)Meeting with some other tourers (65,131 bytes)