India 2

The Delhi traffic (43,671 bytes)Washing the grit, dirt and pollution from the bikes. (41,512 bytes)Interviewing Ghitam Tiwali, a ray of light in a city of smog (43,973 bytes)Early morning in central Delhi (35,722 bytes)We loved the food until we got sick! (53,779 bytes)
We cycled through most of Northern India with Heike and Frank from Germany (42,301 bytes)Indian Poster celebrating independence (59,639 bytes)Indian Bike Store. Air conditioned. (77,460 bytes)Lowanna explaining our route to some locals (44,409 bytes)Street boy, Jaipur (30,981 bytes)
Street baby, Jaipur (36,795 bytes)Arriving in Agra (55,468 bytes)The obligatory visit to the Taj Mahal. We loved the lawnmower (41,606 bytes)Taj Mahal, detail (37,346 bytes)Filtering the water took about an hour an evening (23,122 bytes)
Taj Ganj (the area around the Taj Mahal) from our hotel rooftop (25,783 bytes)Hidden away from the chaos, Taj Ganj (31,922 bytes)Pilgrim travelling the length of India on hands and knees (40,226 bytes)Reminding us of the thousands of species that become extinct each year (48,219 bytes)Pushkar Ghats (45,521 bytes)
And at sunset... (32,079 bytes)Pushkar market (66,471 bytes)Bags for the visitors (45,679 bytes)After the monsoon (30,918 bytes)Arriving in Mumbai. India Gate (40,320 bytes)