India 1

Lowanna spots her first woman on a bike since Italy (29,203 bytes)The school bus, Amritsar (32,225 bytes)The Golden Temple, heart of the Sikh religion (42,605 bytes)Lowanna gets some advice and encouragement whilst filming at the Golden Temple (33,211 bytes)Food for the faithful (50,887 bytes)
From Amritsar we moved into the Himalayas (12,064 bytes)We cycled to Mcleod Ganj, home to an exiled Tibetan community (27,152 bytes)Old wall, Mcleod Ganj (82,005 bytes)The Dalai Lama, Tibetan School Sports Day (37,940 bytes)Tibetan Monk (29,560 bytes)
Beggar on Mcleod streets (43,634 bytes)We stayed at the Snow Lion hotel. The bikes lived on the balcony (44,292 bytes)Under the watchful gaze of the local monkeys (20,814 bytes)With the owner of the hotel (48,171 bytes)It wasn't all good news. One result of the tourist invasion (59,497 bytes)
The rubbish made its way downhill in the monsoon rains (83,691 bytes)Our panniers were showing the strain (40,181 bytes)But Agu quickly supplied some replacements (42,356 bytes)Kev's shoes were also showing the strain (29,015 bytes)Some eating advice on a local billboard (43,335 bytes)
Sunset from our hotel roof (25,249 bytes)Setting off again down into the flatlands. An eco-friendly lorry (45,507 bytes)Lowanna gave a quick lesson in a local school (46,541 bytes)It is India so here is the obligatory cow! (44,472 bytes)Cycling towards Delhi, trying to avoid the horns (44,682 bytes)