Arriving in Greece to local celebrations (38,385 bytes)Some of the biggest climbs of the journey so far (67,791 bytes)Checking where to go next - candlelit map reading (24,778 bytes)Monemvasia - a beautiful place to stop for a few days (48,896 bytes)Athens Youth Hostel - home for a week (56,015 bytes)Local support for refugees (47,788 bytes)A typically stunning Greek scene (44,895 bytes)
Interview with Costas in Ionnina (66,133 bytes)Early morning. Waking up in a local park (77,451 bytes)Writing another article with electrical support from other campers (24,069 bytes)One of the stunning monastaries we cycled past... (45,515 bytes)...and some more.... (26,622 bytes)Hung out to dry (47,128 bytes)View from the tent. Olive grove, Corfu (51,355 bytes)