Suddenly we were back in a land where people had time for the environment... (48,235 bytes)Crossing a Brisbane bridge and heading south (48,568 bytes)The stunning Australian sky (32,920 bytes)Our first Australian campsite - and nobody staring at us! (53,600 bytes)Kevin had been waiting a long time to see one of these! (45,607 bytes)We weren't out of the hills yet... (57,934 bytes)
...with steeper ones still to come (58,658 bytes)But the view from the top was worth it (51,193 bytes)Back into the rain again (34,170 bytes)Before hitting the Sydney suburbs (67,411 bytes)And arriving in the centre of town (53,012 bytes)with the Opera House and bridge behind us (25,445 bytes)
  Celebrating the end of the 12000 kilometre, 15 month adventure (35,284 bytes) And answering a few questions (69,124 bytes) Family celebrations! (56,228 bytes) And hanging it all up to dry. Cleaning the gear for the final time. (30,646 bytes)